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Our Philosophy

We are a boutique law firm focusing on securities, venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property matters on behalf of entrepreneurs, startup and emerging growth companies.

We carefully match our legal talents to the requirements of clients, whether the transaction involves a startup venture, publicly traded company or a transnational corporation.

We assist technology innovators, entrepreneurs and startup and emerging growth companies in structuring their business plans, creating the requisite legal documentation to effect these plans and securing access to the capital markets.

We also help assemble a wide range of expertise for clients, which may include seed or venture financing, investment banking, or accounting services, as well as developing an executive management team or board of directors.

Our firm work side-by-side with these professionals to ensure that transactions move swiftly and to a successful conclusion. We offer the expertise and services to our clients.


Experienced Counsel

Dr. Faisal Khazaal, LLD. Law Group, LP. has extensive experience in assisting technology innovators, entrepreneurs, startup and emerging growth companies in a wide variety of financing and joint venture transactions.

We have also completed acquisitions in which intellectual property assets are particularly significant, as well as helped clients exploit their intellectual property rights commercially by negotiating and drafting marketing, distribution, and technology transfer agreements. We regularly advise our clients regarding forming new companies, joint ventures and partnerships, and in identifying and securing financing.

We are also called upon to assist clients with structuring and completing mergers and acquisitions. We handle complex venture capital and other financing arrangements, as well as private equity and public securities offerings.

We also negotiate and draft agreements involving the sale of goods and services whose manufacture, distribution marketing and sale is protected by intellectual property law.

We believe that providing superior legal service requires much more than just knowing the law. Understanding each client's unique business needs and objectives, assisting in identifying, structuring and securing financing, startup venture, and dedicating extra effort and personal commitment are also critical to achieving outstanding results.

In this regard, our focus on technology innovators, entrepreneurs, startup and emerging growth companies, and deep experience in handling a wide variety of matters most important to these clients, make us uniquely qualified to help manage the legal, business and financing issues facing entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Faisal Khazaal Law Office

From 1996 - 2003

Professor. Faisal Khazaal, PhD. Law Group, LLC.

From 2004 - 2013

Dr. Faisal Khazaal, LLD. Law Group, LP.

From 2014 - Present